Gospel Lighthouse Pentecostal Church History

The Gospel Lighthouse Pentecostal Church was originally located on the corner Braggs at 621 East 21st
Little Rock, AR.

In January 1973 GLPC was established under the direction of God by Elder Bill Harden from the Word of
Flame United Pentecostal Church.  Elder Bill Harden was fully committed to put in place a pastor to lead
and guide the members of Gospel Lighthouse. Elder Donald Thomas of Indianapolis, IN was installed as
the first Pastor of GLPC. He lead GLPC for four years and was given another assignment in the North.

In 1977 Elder Patrick Smith became Gospel Lighthouse's  pastor until 1979.  Afterward, Elder Bill Harden
sent for Elder  C.E. Golder, a Minister from Indianapolis  to preach a 30-day revival for the church.  As a
result, Elder C.E. Golder was elevated to a higher calling and became the next Pastor of Gospel

In 1980 Elder Cecil Golder was installed as the new chosen Pastor of Gospel Lighthouse. During his
tenure as pastor, the membership increased and in 1983 Pastor Golder and the members of GLPC
marched to a larger edifice which is their current address 501 East 16th street Little Rock, AR located in
the Quapaw district.

Elder Cecil E. Golder  was the pastor of GLPC for twenty-one years until February 15, 2001 when God
called him home.

His departure left the Gospel Lighthouses family was without a shepherd for about ten months. During this
time God continued to bless the members as they patiently prayed and waited.

God stepped in and blessed them with a new leader who currently serves as  the Pastor of Gospel
Lighthouse; District Elder John L. Marble, Sr. a man that preaches the Word of God; along with his wife
Evangelist Shelia Marble a couple that has a love for the people of God.
"Where the Word of God Shines Through"
Gospel Lighthouse
    Pentecostal Church